Woolhanger Manor & Music Room - Charitable Events

The Music Room is available to local charities wishing to hold a fundraising event at an exclusive venue. On some occasions, at the discretion of the owners, the venue may be offered free of charge in order to swell the profits from your event.

If you are involved with an organisation who would like to take advantage of the stunning setting and magical ambiance please get in touch.

The owners have spent a lot of time and energy restoring the Music Room. It can seat 120 people around tables for a dinner or more as a theatre-style audience. There is also a pipe organ and a grand piano. Woolhanger is licensed for the sale of alcohol and there is plenty of space to welcome guests with drinks on arrival. Do come and visit Woolhanger one morning so you can see for yourself the amazing space. It is quite inspiring.

You will probably have a team of people who organise and promote your events so we do not wish to step on anyone’s toes, but if you can make use of Woolhanger for the benefit of your charity we would be very happy to hear from you. Please get in touch with me directly and I will answer any queries you may have.

Leah Streete
Estate Secretary

Tel. 01598 763309

Email woolhangerestate@btconnect.com